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hypnotherapy birminghamFrom the desk of Paz Gohil

RE: Rapid Results Hypnotherapy in Birmingham

Dear friend…

Is something stopping you from being all that you can be?

Is this something holding you back from the quality of life you deserve?

Maybe your health and physical well being has started to suffer as well?

What about your loved ones, are they also suffering as a result of your issue?

Maybe you have a dangerous smoking habit that is slowly but surely eating away at your health and your wallet?

Maybe it’s a crippling phobia or fear of something that constantly plagues your thoughts and makes it impossible to enjoy life as you would like to?

Or maybe your over eating is causing you to be overweight, making it hard for you to have a positive and confident self image?

Making it hard to think straight and relax?

It might be the case that all of your will power is spent, making it impossible to look to the future because it feels impossible to overcome your issue?

The worst thing is, you know how damaging the issue is to your life.

You can see and feel the negative effects in a very real way.

And it feels like there is not a thing you can do about it, pushing you toward that very dangerous place where you finally say…


Using your will power and consciously trying to resolve and remove your issues is very admirable, I commend you for it.


Will Power Is Not The Best Tool For The Job

At this point you are probably scratching your head at my last statement.

Well, to explain this further we need to take a look at the two parts of the mind that are in play…

hypnotherapy birmingham

You see, the human psyche is comprised of two quite distinct parts.

The Conscious Mind & The Sub-Conscious Mind

These two elements both want what is best for us when it comes to safety, comfort, pleasure and health.

Unfortunately, most of the time they are disagreeing with each other and have very differing ideas on what is ‘best for us

So lets take a look at some of the differences and the defining features of the two ‘minds

The Conscious Mind

“The conscious mind contains and controls your short term memory, logic, reflexes, will power, analytical power, critical thinking, morality and planning. This is the responsible you, the angel on your shoulder, your good conscience. Unfortunately the conscious mind only makes up 10% of your psyche and is vastly outgunned by the power of the sub-conscious mind.”

The Sub-Conscious Mind

“The sub-conscious mind contains and controls your long term memory, emotions, creativity, intuition, digestion, heart beat & all other automatic bodily functions, dreams, habits & patterns, reflex behaviours, healing and cellular memory. The sub-conscious is pleasure and comfort seeking, it’s the part of you that eggs you on to give in to your desires and cravings, many times at odds with what your conscious mind might be telling you.This is where ALL of your behaviours and habits stem from (good and bad). The subconscious mind dominates and influences 90% of the human psyche and much of this occurs beyond our conscious awareness.”

So let me ask you a question…

Bearing in mind that your ‘issue‘ stems from and resides in your subconscious.

And your ‘will powerresides in your conscious mind

Does it really make sense to use a conscious tool to resolve a subconscious problem?

Of course not!

95% Of The Time Your Subconscious Will Win Out Against Your Conscious Reasoning & Will Power

That’s one of the reasons why ‘talk’ based therapies are largely ineffective, because they attempt to deal with the problems and issues at the conscious level, in effect they are trying to make changes in the wrong place.

It’s like trying to boil an egg using cold water.

Talk based therapies also work on the assumption that improvements need to be made gradually and in very small increments.

The famous actor John Cleese, stated in one of his television interviews that he has been having psychoanalysis therapy for over 20 years! That is a long time, I’m sure you agree… I wonder if all that talking and analysis has resolved his issues?

Herein lies the problem, the human mind doesn’t learn and implement changes gradually and in small increments, in fact it learns and implements changes extremely fast.

Which leads us to the TRIAD OF THE MIND

These are the three truths and rules that ultimately dictate my approach to helping you make rapid and permanent transformations to your life.

Truth 1 of the triad

“you have learned to perform the negative behaviour, habit or pattern that is effecting you”

We are only really born with two instinctual behaviours and reflexes, these are the fear of loud noises and the fear of heights.

Everything else has become a part of your subcoscious and personality throughout your lifetime and the circumstances that have shaped it.

The subconscious mind has the ability to integrate and learn new behaviours and patterns almost instantly, even negative ones.

Habits and addictions develop very quickly.

Phobias and fears can form almost instantly after a traumatic event

Binge eating can become an ingrained behaviour after only a few short hours.

All of these behaviours, patterns and habits are learned and integrated by the subconsciousvery rapidly.

The subconscious can learn a negative behaviour so well that it can have you performing that behaviour 40 times per day like clockwork… think about what a 40 cigarette per day smoker does.

Now imagine if somebody tasked you with performing  something 40 times per day, imagine how much conscious discipline it would take?

Truth 2 of the Triad

“If a new behavioural pattern can be learned and integrated quickly, then it can be unlearned and removed just as quick”

With the correct tools and precise subconscious re-patterning, life altering changes are possible in just 30 to 90 minutes.

The Subconscious Mind Learns New Behaviours And Patterns Very Quickly, Unfortunately It Doesn’t Discriminate Very Well Between Positive And Negative Behaviours

So the question needs to be asked… why does the subconscious so easily pick up negative patterns of behaviour?

Truth 3 of the Triad

“Every negative behaviour, habit or pattern, at one point fulfilled a positive intention and provided a perceived benefit”

Now, in all likely hood you have been taken aback by that statement, and I can’t blame you.

For example, what on earth could be the perceived positive intention and benefit of cigarette smoking?

Lets take the example of a 40 per day cigarette smoker.

At one point, smoking used to provide perceived relaxation, stress reduction, a means to pass the time, a recreation, sense of cool and even a social circle.

What about that person who has a fear of flying? That irrational phobia of flying used to be a form of protection to the perceived danger and risk or air travel.

Binge eating was initially a comfort builder.

Can you see where I am going with this?

The subconscious is very simplistic in this sense.

Unfortunately, these perceived positive intentions and benefits rapidly degrade into dysfunctional patterns and programs of behaviour.

Whatever the initial positive intention and benefit was,  becomes lost.

They become glitches in your matrix so to speak and they are extremely difficult to consciously change or remove.

So what is needed to iron out these glitches?

This Is Where Hypnosis Shines

Let’s begin by going over what hypnosis actually is…

Very simply, hypnosis is a special process of communication that activates the REM state and allows for direct communication with the subconscious mind.

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement and it’s this REM that occurs when you dream.

You see, when your subconscious mind dreams, it is integrating and absorbing new patterns of behaviour and information into it’s existing framework. Simultaneously, it’s also expelling unresolved emotional issues.

Think of it as your minds upload, back up and cleaning process.

And by artificially creating and accessing this REM state, I can identify and remove the dysfunctional behavioural pattern that is affecting you very rapidly and precisely.

Once this change is made, the dysfunction behavioural pattern ceases to exist!

And because all of this occurs in your subconscious…

Rapid And Profound Change Occurs At The Deepest Level

One comment that I hear over and over again from my hypnosis clients is “it’s as if my problem never existed, it’s not there anymore, I can’t find it”

Hypnosis Is Successfully Used For…

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Phobias & Fears
  • Weight Loss
  • Addictions & cravings (excluding hard drugs)
  • Low Confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Nail Biting
  • Stuttering
  • Invasive thoughts / memories
  • PTSD
  • Frigidity / Sexual performance issues
  • Post Surgery Recovery & Rapid Healing
  • Pain Relief
  • High blood pressure
  • Various Physical Ailments
  • Sports / event preparation
  • High level mind performance
  • And much more…


                                                   What Can You Expect?

  • A rapid & complete transformation of your issue – Because we are making changes at the subconscious level, the changes are very profound, rapid and more importantly, they last.
  • A real & verifiable hypnotic experience – With the hypnotic phenomena you will experience, there will be no question you are indeed hypnotized.
  • Hypnosis that is tailored to your unique situation -  I do not read from pre-written cookie cutter scripts like some hypnotherapists do, my concentration and intent is always directed where it belongs … ON YOU
  • Content free change -  No need to go into personal, traumatic or sensitive details regarding your issue(s). I can simply ask your subconscious mind to locate the ‘issue’ and we can work from there.
  • Pain free changeThere is no need for “things to get worse before they get better”, you can expect a rapid and pain free hypnotic transformation.

How Much Is A Change Like This Worth To You?

Imagine never smoking again after a single session of hypnosis. No cravings, no withdrawals, no weight gain.

Imagine being permanently free of your crippling phobia in just 30 minutes.

Imagine programing your mind to effortlessly lose three stones over the next two months.

How would that improve your quality of life?

How would that improve your psychological and physical well being?

How would that change your outlook on your future?

And these are not hypothetical questions… I want you to think about the answers to these questions because now you have a potent and powerful solution at your finger tips!

As you are still reading, hopefully you can see what a powerful process hypnosis is. At this point I’m sure you have a few questions…


Q: Can I be hypnotized?

A: Yes, the overwhelming majority of people can be hypnotized. However, persons who are affected by very low IQ or organic brain damage normally have great difficulty experiencing hypnosis. Ultra analytical people may also find difficulty experiencing hypnosis.

Q: Is there anyone you will not hypnotize?

A: Yes, unfortunately I do not conduct hypnosis sessions with minors or persons who suffer from epilepsy, severe heart problems, schizophrenia, bi-polar depression or psychosis.

Q: Is hypnosis the same as trance?

A: No. A commonly heard myth regarding hypnosis, is it’s something that occurs naturally throughout our daily lives, likening it to trance states like day dreaming. Even though trance can occur during hypnosis, it doesn’t make them the same thing. Hypnosis is not a natural process, it is an artificially created process that requires a hypnotist and a hypnotee. People do not just drift in and out of hypnosis, it is something that is done to you. It’s also important to state that hypnosis is not a type of relaxation.

Q: How will I know that I am hypnotized?

A: This is where verifying and testing the hypnotic process is a must, this is the reason why I utilize hypnotic phenomena every time I hypnotize somebody. Hypnotic phenomena could be something like temporarily sticking your hand to the chair, inducing temporary amnesia of your name or a particular number, or even making an object invisible (these types of phenomena let your mind know that hypnosis is occurring). It’s vitally important for me as a hypnotists to test and verify that my suggestions and the hypnotic process are actually working, anything else is just guesswork. Hypnotic phenomena is what differentiates real hypnosis from other ‘hypno’ disciplines that are in effect, a combination of relaxation and psychotherapy.

Q: When somebody is hypnotized are they under the control of the hypnotist?

A: Yes. It’s the hypnotist who guides, dictates and manages the hypnotic process. It’s the hypnotee who responds directly to the suggestions and instructions of the hypnotist. I understand the hang up that people have about ‘losing control’ to the hypnotist, but guess what? You’ve already lost control, if you were in complete control of your mind then you would not be suffering from your issue. The whole point of hypnosis is to ultimately give you more control over how you think, feel, behave and react.

Q: Can hypnosis make people do things that they don’t want to?

A: Yes. People generally seek out my services because their subconscious mind doesn’t want to change a particular behavioural program or pattern.The ability to influence and persuade at the subconscious level and stimulate the subconscious resources of the person is the reason why hypnosis is such a rapid and powerful tool for change. If a hypnotist cannot persuade and influence in this way then hypnosis would be an ineffective process.

Q: What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

A: Hypnosis is a special process of communication and hypnotherapy is the use of that process to illicit therapeutic and beneficial changes within a person. Personally I dislike the term hypnotherapy, although I still use it because it is a term most people are familiar with. The way I utilize hypnosis, there isn’t actually any ‘therapy’ occurring per se. Analyzing ‘root causes’ and trying to  ‘interpret’ your problems isn’t going to make them better. When you work with me, you tell me what you want to change and how you want to change it, and I make it so. My preferred term for what I do is hypnotic changework or just hypnosis.

Q: How many sessions of hypnosis will I need?

A: Only a single session of hypnosis is needed per single issue/problem, a session can take anywhere from 30 – 90 minutes. Instead of lengthy analysis, counseling and dwelling on the problem, I prefer to take a solution focused approach. Together we’ll quickly identify the desired changes that you want to make, set some clear outcomes, and then I’ll use a variety of hypnotic techniques to achieve those outcomes.

Q: What if I want to resolve multiple issues?

A: In the case of multiple issues / results, we can spend up to a full day together. After we have identified the changes and outcomes that you wish to achieve, we’ll get straight into the changework. Just to give you an idea, I’ll typically spend 20 minutes to completely remove a phobia and 60 minutes to turn you into a permanent non smoker. So, over the course of a few hours, I can literally give you a full mind / lifestyle makeover using hypnosis. I like to call this a Hypo – Metamorphosis Day.

Q: I need to perform better at my job, can hypnosis help?

A: Yes, the Hypno – Metamorphosis Day is ideal for sportsmen, entrepreneurs, performers and driven individuals who need to be at their best. Using hypnosis I can program your mind to de-procrastinate, remove your mental blocks and limiting beliefs, speed up your skill acquisition, clarify your goals, create a cast-iron discipline, model the experts in your industry, have laser targeted concentration and tap into other beneficial attributes that will help you to achieve high level mind performance.

Q: Does hypnosis work for issues that are not on the list above?

A: Yes absolutely, the list above is not exhaustive by any means. Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your requirements and whether hypnosis will be beneficial in your case.

What I am offering is a rapid, profound and long term solution.

So now, I have a question for you too…

How Much Longer Are You Willing To Wait?

A few more days?

A few more weeks?

A few more months?

Are you going to keep on putting things off and just hope that things get better?

The thing is, if you keep on doing the same things, then you are going to keep on getting the same results… so you have to ask yourself the question – “am I happy with the results I am getting?

And I think you already know the answer to that question.

You can continue to procrastinate on this decision, and things will remain as they are.

Or you can take decisive action and be free of your issue once and for all!

Don’t you owe it to yourself to choose the fastest and most effective solution?

OK Paz, I’m Ready To Make Rapid, Profound And Permanent Changes To My Life… How Do I Proceed?


Lets get you booked in for a skype video consultation and discuss the changes you wish to make, what your desired outcomes are and your suitability for hypnosis.

As I am offering a results driven service, I need to make sure that we are a good fit to work together… because the last thing I want is for you to invest your hard earned money and not get the results that you are looking for.

I also need to see that you are fully motivated and dedicated to making this work. I always give 100% to my clients, and I refuse to work with people who are not 100% ready for drastic improvements to their quality of life

During our consultation, we’ll go through some hypnotic processes, so that I can verify and confirm that you will respond well to hypnosis (because there is a small percentage of people who do not respond well).

If we’re a good fit, we’ll then finalize a plan of action, finalize my fee, and schedule your rapid hypnosis transformation.

If for any reason, we decide not to proceed after our video consultation call, then we’ll part ways as firm friends and no hard feelings.

I look forward to speaking with you very soon!

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Here’s To The New You!

Paz Gohil

Professional Hypnotist

P.S. In as little as 30 minutes you can be fully free of your issue. If you value your time and value real, tangible results that will change your life for the better, then take action now.

P.P.S. So far you’ve been unsuccessful in ridding yourself of your issue, because you’ve been trying to resolve it at the conscious level. Now it’s time to take the hypnotic, subconscious approach. I just know that you will ecstatic about the rapid and profound results you will get.

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